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The Colgate Thirteen, The Colgate Thirteen (Boxes Cover)

The Colgate Thirteen (Boxes Cover) | 1962, Vinyl

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Track Song Title Play
1 Old Colgate Listen
2 Summertime Listen
3 Ballin' The Jack Listen
4 Motherless Child
Soloist: Beau Clark
5 Bermuda Buggy Ride
Soloist: Dan Adams
6 You Go To My Head Listen
7 Winter Wonderland
Soloist: Beau Clark
8 Deep River
Soloist: Beau Clark
9 Poinciana Listen
10 Great Day Listen
11 Dancing On The Ceiling
Soloist: Dan Adams
12 All The Things You Are Listen
13 Man Piaba
Soloist: Priit Vesilind
14 Stormy Weather Listen
15 Lamplight
Soloist: Dan Adams
16 White Christmas Listen
17 Scarlet Ribbons
Soloist: Byron Fox
18 Colgate Hymn Listen

The Colgate THIRTEEN has a song to sing. In fact, it has many songs to sing. The group has a history which is almost phenomenal for its age.

Since 1942, when a group of students sang informally at the Colgate Inn, they have rapidly gained a name for themselves from Los Angeles to Jamaica—Chicago to Bermuda. The THIRTEEN'S distinctive blending of voices, its spontaneity have enabled it to make friends wherever it goes.

The group has appeared for engagements at the British Colonial Hotel in Nassau, Jamaica's Montego Beach Hotel, as well as Hollywood's Macambo Club, and Bermuda's Castle Harbor Hotel. There are also annual visits to such metropolitan areas as Chicago and New York.

In all, the group performs in the neighborhood of one hundred and seventy-five concerts yearly. One song they sing declares "Old Colgate is the Place for Me," but, with the above-mentioned number of off-campus engagements, the group is seldom there. Naturally, this puts a great scholastic strain on the men, and so the group finds it necessary to maintain a membership of about thirty.

WHY, THEN, "13"?

The name of the group and its size stem from the Colgate "13" tradition started in 1819 when 13 men with 13 dollars, 13 books, and 13 prayers founded an institution in Hamilton, New York under a charter of 13 articles. To this day, there are always 13 chairs on the platform during major convocations, and, in this the University's 13th decade, problems of policy are settled by an administrative staff of 13 men who preside over a student body which approximates 1,300 men. Thus, the Colgate THIRTEEN . . . appropriate? ? ?


For this is the 13th year since the group made its first recording. It would be remiss on our part, however, if we did not give recognition to Lloyd Huntley '24, Director of Student Activities, whose loyal support and assistance has made it possible for the Colgate THIRTEEN to maintain its traditions and achieve its accomplishments.